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Once we get a good idea of the skill set, experience, and personality you are looking for, we begin the search in our exclusive candidate database, which includes hundreds of applicants who we have already screened and interviewed. In addition to reaching out to qualified applicants in our database, we will also employ some or all of the recruiting methods described below to find better matches. See below for more details on our exclusive database and recruitment methods, and get info on our applicant vetting and screening process here

Step 3 – Review and Referral

After we gather a pool of interested applicants, we review everyone’s qualifications to determine who may be a good fit for your position. To cut down on the time and effort spent on your end, we will only send you candidate bios (detailed information on each candidate in a format designed for easy comparison, see here for more details) for the most qualified, well-matched applicants. 

  • Athens Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Gallia County Chamber of Commerce
  • Gallipolis Career College
  • Tri-County Career Center
  • Washington State Community College

Recruitment Process Overview

Answering applicant questions all day can be exhausting and can take you away from your work, which is why we are discrete; you will remain anonymous in our recruiting efforts and discussions with candidates until you make the decision to meet with them.

Sometimes, highly desirable employers can get a bigger response to a help wanted ad with their name included than we can when we keep you anonymous, which is why our recruitment process is flexible. If you prefer to have us advertise your business name in our ads, or if you would prefer to advertise for the position yourself and then pass the pile of resumes you receive on to us for screening, we are happy to do so for you.

Since 1990, Career Connections has built and maintained strong relationships with effective recruitment contacts across Southeast Ohio and beyond. To date, we have leveraged those contacts to interview over 40,000 applicants, and our exclusive database is full of those thoroughly screened and well-qualified individuals. And on the off chance that our database does not already include candidates with the right qualifications to meet your needs, we will employ any channels of recruitment necessary to find you the right applicants. 

Our Exclusive Database

If the perfect applicant match is not already in our database, we will run classified ads and use other methods of recruitment to seek out new applications at no additional cost to you. Depending on the type of position, job location, and requested candidate qualifications, we will extend our recruitment efforts through some or all of the below channels. For national applicant searches, we typically employ additional recruitment methods and means. 

Local Newspapers

Our Recruitment Channels

  • Athens Messenger
  • Athens News
  • Circleville Herald
  • Gallia Hometown Herald
  • Gallipolis Daily Tribune
  • Jackson County Times
  • Lancaster Eagle-Gazette
  • Logan Daily
  • Marietta Times
  • Parkersburg News and Sentinel
  • Perry County Tribune
  • Pike County New Watchman
  • Point Pleasant Register
  • Pomeroy Daily Sentinel
  • Vinton County Courier

Step 1 – Gathering Facts


  • Indeed
  • Ohio Means Jobs
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • The Ladders
  • Twitter
  • Craigslist
  • Ebay Classifieds
  • Hocking College – College Central Network
  • Marietta College – College Central Network
  • Rio Grande University – College Central Network

Online Recruitment Channels

Step 2 – Searching and Recruiting

Career Connections wants to really get to know and understand your company’s needs and culture, so when you place an order, we will discuss the position with you in great detail. We will ask about the skills and training required, the types of people who have been successful in this position in the past and those who have not, your future expectations for the employee, and any other information that will help us to connect you with an applicant who best fits your needs.

Additional Recruitment Sources

Put our well-cultivated recruiting methods to work for you. 

We have interviewed over 40,000 individuals since 1990, and at present we have several hundred applicants in our database who are screened, qualified, and ready to work. Our database is comprised of individuals in a wide variety of fields, from those currently employed but actively searching for work to those who are immediately available to start working, and it also includes many applicants in the hard-to-reach demographic of highly qualified, currently employed individuals who are passively searching for a better job opportunity but who don’t scan job ads regularly.

When your position requirements and duties match their qualifications and preferences, we will personally reach out to our experienced candidates to gauge their interest in and availability for your job opportunity.