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If, within three months from the placement, you contact Career Connections to let us know that the employee is no longer satisfactory for you, we will refund your money. 

We spend so much time screening our applicants because it allows us to get to know them well enough to feel confident referring them to you. However, even with extensive screening and interviewing – on our end and yours – we understand that sometimes a new hire just doesn’t work out like you thought they might. This is why we offer the following satisfaction guarantees to help lessen the sting of a bad hire. 

Final Screening Checks


Performance Evaluations

Assessments and Evaluations

Assessment and Computer Testing

In-person Interview 

Post-application Phone Interview


If you are not fully satisfied with your temporary employee, we will replace our employee immediately and you will not be charged for any time worked (up to four hours) before a satisfactory replacement arrives.

Hiring decisions come with the risk that your new hire will not perform as anticipated. Career Connections helps to lessen that risk and increase your confidence in your hiring decisions by only referring applicants to you that have completed our thorough and comprehensive screening process. In fact, we are so confident in our screening methods that we offer satisfaction guarantees on all of our direct-hire and temporary placements to give you even more peace of mind. 

Our Screening Process 

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

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and Evaluations


Our human resource managers personally meet with every qualified applicant for an in-depth discussion about their previous experience and future goals. Along with confirming their work preferences and availability, their personality and work ethic attributes are also gauged during these interviews, and we use all of this information to further ensure appropriate referrals and placements.

The first step for all of our applicants is to fill out our application online. For applicants without an internet connection, we invite them to come in to one of our two office locations to apply in person, or we will also take basic information from them over the phone.

After they complete the initial application, applicants go through a series of additional screening processes. In order for an applicant to be fully “activated” and referable for open positions, they must pass through each stage of our process, as outlined in detail below. We then pass the info that we gather from this vetting process along to you – check out details on
our recommendation process and candidate bios here

After an offer is extended to and accepted by the most qualified candidate, we take care of all the final steps. This includes all final screening checks that you request, such as a criminal background check, drug testing, credit check, education verification, and motor vehicle record check. Because we firmly believe in the benefits of thoroughly screening our applicants, Career Connections performs all of these final checks at no additional cost to you.

We also offer all of our final screening services individually for PTP placements or applicants you have found on your own but would like us to screen before you officially bring them on to your payroll. Please contact us for more information on our affordable a la carte screening services. 

Additional Screening

Supervisory Reference Checks

For full details on our placement services and guarantees, please review  our Terms of Service Agreement. 

Direct-hire Guarantee

To gauge their general aptitude level, applicants are given an assessment test on the subjects of basic math, comparisons, data entry and coding, vocabulary, and spelling. We also use several computerized, skill-specific tests for clerical, administrative, bookkeeping/ accounting, and information technology applicants. Additionally, for applicants interested in clerical work, we administer assessment tests in popular computer programs like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel to get a clear picture of the applicant’s skill level in each program. 

We administer additional skills assessments upon request.
The full list of assessment tools that we have available through IBM® Kenexa® Assess on Cloud can be found here

Applicant Screening Steps


We conduct regular performance evaluations on all temporary placements to guarantee continued client satisfaction and to gain additional qualifying information for future placements. 



Our human resource specialists reach out to all new applicants to conduct an initial phone interview, where they gather information on the applicants’ preferences, availability to work, education background, and work experience. The interviewer also notes additional information about the attitude and personality of the applicant.

All of this information is passed along to our human resource managers, and helps them to determine when and how to proceed with the applicant, a decision based on the potential employability of the applicant and our clients' needs at that time.

We personally contact applicants’ previous employers to gain additional insight on each applicant’s work ethic, performance level, and character. In order to activate an applicant for referral to employers, we require a minimum of two positive supervisory references.


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