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We understand that you need more than just an applicant’s resume to make an informed hiring decision. For each applicant referral we make, we provide you with a candidate bio that includes supplemental applicant information that we discover through our thorough screening process.

Computer Proficiency Scores


Aptitude Test Scores

Our thorough screening and vetting process – which involves a phone and face-to-face interview, computer and aptitude testing, and checking supervisory references – yields plenty of detailed applicant data to give you a more complex picture of the abilities and characteristics of each candidate. And to help you quickly review applicant information, we have designed and formatted the candidate bio in a way that lets you easily compare data between applicants. Please read below for details on each part of the candidate bio, and to see examples of each document, please contact us. 

For each applicant we refer, we will send you the applicant's resume along with the following documents: 

Interview Summary 

Supervisory References

Interview Summary 

Aptitude Test Scores

Computer Proficiency Test Scores (optional)

Each applicant must go through a face-to-face interview with one of our HR managers, during which time we get a better sense of the applicant’s personality, experience, and abilities.

After each interview, we create a summary that provides feedback on each applicant’s key personality traits, verbal and interpersonal communication skills, self-confidence, dependability, attitude toward work, personal presentation, commitment to Southeast Ohio, and additional insights we gather from the interview. Each write-up is formatted and organized to help aid in applicant comparison. 

Candidate Bios

Applicants interested in clerical, accounting, or other positions that require computer proficiency are encouraged to take assessment tests in common programs like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and QuickBooks.

To give you a more comprehensive understanding of each applicant’s abilities, the test results are broken down to show the applicant’s score across 3 levels of question difficulty (basic, intermediate, and advanced).

View general aptitude test results in the subjects of basic math, comparisons, data entry and coding, vocabulary, and spelling.

Supervisory References

We won’t take a reference from just anyone – we make sure that we get at least two references directly from a supervisor or individual who oversaw the applicant’s work.

To give you useful information and insight from each supervisory reference, we have developed field-specific and standardized sets of questions that address important performance indicators, such as ability to prioritize work and follow instructions; relationship quality with co-workers and management; and feedback on work ethic and specific skills like communication, professionalism, and organization.