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Depending on the type of work you are interested in and qualified for, after your formal interview your interviewing HR manager may recommend that you complete computer assessments. These assessments are not mandatory, but the bottom line is that you are more likely to be placed in a position that requires computer skills if you have good test scores. For this reason, an applicant must score 73% or higher in order for CC to refer that applicant for a position that requires an expert level of proficiency in a popular software. In general, clients who require computer proficiency do tend to favor applicants with high test scores, so even if you achieve a 73% on your initial test, you may want to consider retesting to further improve your score and make yourself an even more attractive applicant.

Computer Training Resources


Computer Assessments

If you would like to improve your test scores, try using the following resources to increase your knowledge before coming in to retest. Please note that this list includes good resources to start with, but it is by no means inclusive of all resources available.  

Microsoft Office Suite:

MS Office programs, especially MS Word and MS Excel, are very popular programs used by many of our clients. Learn tips and tricks straight from the creators of all of the MS Office applications at the link below. Choose the program you need from the list provided, or search for support on a specific function (e.g.. "mail merge" or "inserting charts") using the Search field. 


Online Tutorials

Who said YouTube videos are just for laughs? YouTube actually has a great variety of online tutorials and training videos for computer programs and applications. You can search for general program tutorials, or you can search for training on specific functions or tools.

Pro tip: CC is currently testing on the 2013 versions of the MS Office Suite, so make sure to include the correct program version in your search term to ensure you get the appropriate guidance (for example, MS Word 2013 will yield more applicable results than MS Word).


Adult Education Programs

While a number of adult education programs exist online and throughout the country, why not try a quality education facility right in your backyard? 

If you live near Nelsonville, OH: 

Tri-County Adult Career Center is a facility that offers adult education programs, including in-depth training and certification on popular computer programs. While not a free resource, Tri-County does offer financial aid.

Microsoft Office Training and Certification: http://www.tricountyhightech.com/MicrosoftOfficeTrainingandCertification.aspx

​General Computer Classes: http://www.tricountyhightech.com/ComputerCourses.aspx

If you live near Rio Grande, OH: 

The Adult Center at Buckeye Hills Career Center offers comprehensive Career-Technical programs designed for those who seek to enter an occupation, desire to upgrade skills in their present occupation, or explore a new career. In addition to full programs, they also offer part-time classes in computer programs, including Word, Excel, Access, and Powerpoint. 

To find class descriptions at the link, scroll down to the "Part-time Programs" section and choose a program: 


If you aren’t happy with your scores after your initial test, don't worry! CC gives each applicant one automatic retest opportunity per program. Additional retesting opportunities are available to applicants upon the completion of supplementary education programs or certification courses. If you are interested in scheduling computer retesting, please contact us