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  • After clicking on New Timesheet, be sure to advance your start and end dates and then click VIEW
  • Tracking day-by-day? Great! Advance your end date, click view, and then add a row
  • ​The In/Out Time Sheet allows for better accuracy in time reporting.
  • ​Saving is a way for you to record your progress in your work week. Your time is only recorded once you SUBMIT.
  • Please wait to submit until your week is finished. Submitting each day requires your supervisor to approve multiple time sheets.
  • Once you have submitted, we will take care of getting your time approved. You are all done!

Welcome to the CC Team, and congratulations on your placement! This page is geared towards providing you with all the tools you'll need to navigate your placement, including your employee user login portal and instructions on how to report your hours correctly so that you can get paid on time. And don't forget, you are a part of our team now, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you are experiencing any issues or have any concerns about your placement. We have an open door policy and are always happy to hear from you and help in any way we can! 

Time Reporting

We are as concerned that you get paid on time as you are. So, we highly recommended that you view the below video before using our online time reporting tool. Learning how to enter and submit your time correctly and by our firm deadlines (stated above) is the only way for you to guarantee timely paycheck delivery. And if nothing else, be sure to check out the highlighted tips below.

Video Highlights: 

Employee Tools

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Enter electronic time data, review our knowledge center, and look up assignment history.

We want to be sure to pay you, on time, each week. A brief overview of time options are below. For full details, please review your Employee Policies and Procedures.

  • Online Time Reporting: entries are due no later than Monday, by 1 p.m., following the week worked. Use the login box to the left with the credentials supplied by our team.

  • Paper Time Sheets: submissions are due no later than Tuesday, by 1 p.m., following the week worked. 

Payroll Department Contact Info:

740-594-4941 ext. 101


Online Time Reporting Training Video