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Making a permanent hire is a big decision, and sometimes you have a position to fill but just aren't quite ready to take the steps and risk of adding someone new to your payroll. Whether you have doubts about an applicant, are not sure if your need will be permanent, or you would like to have a little extra reassurance before making a permanent hire, our temp-to-direct placement service is a great option. This service allows you to "test drive" a potential employee by placing them on our payroll as a temporary employee for a probationary period before committing to a direct-hire. For details on the probationary period and our conversion to direct-hire policies, please visit the "Temporary and Temp-to-Direct Placements" section of our Terms of Service Agreement.

Direct-hire Service Benefits

Career Connections understands that bringing on a new permanent employee can affect all aspects of your workplace, and so we take the time to collect detailed information about your position, the type of employee you are looking for, your company culture, and any other information that will help us to connect you with an applicant who will best fit your needs.

Recruitment and Screening
We begin our search in our own files, with the hundreds of applicants who have already been screened and interviewed. If we do not already have the perfect match, we will run classified ads and use other methods of recruitment to seek out new applications, all on our dime. Please visit our
Applicant Recruitmentand Applicant Screening pages for more details on those processes. 


Once you have reviewed the applicants we refer to you and you decide which, if any, applicants you want to interview, you can sit back and relax while we take on the hassle of scheduling and making arrangements for each interview you request.

Hiring Decision
In the end, you get to make the final hiring choice and have full control over all salary and benefits negotiations. Once your job offer is accepted by your chosen applicant, we will then handle the unpleasant task of notifying any unsuccessful applicants so you don't have to.

In addition to our thorough and detailed applicant screening process and the perks associated with our CC Advantage, using our direct-hire service provides the following benefits:

  • Save time by not having to sift through dozens of applications or identify the most qualified candidates in your applicant pool.
  • Simplify decision making by receiving a candidate bio for each qualified applicant we refer. The candidate bio is filled with detailed information and formatted to allow for easy and objective applicant comparisons.
  • Enjoy access to our extensive applicant database filled with hundreds of applicants who are already screened and on file.
  • Cut down the length of your hiring process by only reviewing documents for and meeting with applicants who already meet all of your requirements. 
  • Enjoy a satisfaction guarantee on all placements made.

Our direct-hire service offers a convenient and low-risk method to hire a permanent employee. We will post your job online and perform our recruiting and screening processes for FREE. You only pay us if we fill the job successfully, and we offer a three-month, money-back guarantee on all direct placements to help lessen the expense and worry of making a bad hire. Include us in your next employee search and let us show you what we can do! 

Our Process

We bill you only upon satisfactory placement. After you have made an offer and the applicant has accepted, we ask what your final negotiations were and bill you a percentage of the anticipated annual income of the employee. Please call to inquire about our current percentage.



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