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What is your role at Career Connections and what do your job duties include? 
Jason: I am a human resources manager (HRM) and my duties are working hand in hand with employers and job seekers to ensure great customer service and provide optimal staffing services.

Lindsey: I am a human resource specialist (HRS) at CC. I have a wide variety of job duties, but I mostly interview applicants and gather background information when they initially apply.

Claire: I am the receptionist. My duties include providing excellent customer service to both applicants and employers. I assist staff in preparing applicants for interviews as well as our hiring process. I also do a range of other tasks, but mostly I support the HR team.

What is your background?
Jason: I have an Associate of Applied Business in Computer Applications Technology with a major in technical support specialist and am currently enrolled and continuing education for a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology. My past work history has included higher education, healthcare, merchandising management, and more.

Lindsey: I graduated from Meigs High School and attended Ohio University for about 3 years. During college, I worked a couple part-time positions. After I left college, I moved to Montana just to have a change of pace (I love it out there!), and was a payroll and accounts payable clerk for a hospital. Once I moved back to Ohio I obtained a position as a leasing manager for an apartment complex in Athens. A couple years later, I started here at CC.

Claire: I have a communication studies degree from University of Rio Grande.

Career Connections makes a point to hire local residents to staff our offices, and all of you grew up in the Gallipolis area.

So, what is your favorite thing about Gallipolis/Gallia County?
Jason: My favorite thing about Gallia County is the small town atmosphere. People are friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand for one another. We have access to great local restaurants and businesses, and having the ability to be in Athens, Huntington, and Charleston all within an hour is a nice advantage to the area.

Lindsey: I love the feel of town around Christmas. It’s been a family tradition to walk through the park and look at all the lights. There are some pretty, rural settings as well. I have many great memories of visiting our Amish friends.

Claire: A lot of the local residents are so personable and friendly. In addition to the welcoming small town vibe, I really love that Gallia County has such a rich historical background. It’s something I hope the community continues to honor and highlight.

Anything you’d like to add about CC? 
Jason: Since starting to work here, I’ve learned that teamwork is not only a necessity but helps oneself grow and become better. And I appreciate the dedication and hard-work from our staff. Career Connections would not be the amazing company it is, without the people that walk into its offices every day.

Lindsey: I appreciate the team-based atmosphere. We have a friendly, hard-working, dedicated team here and I haven’t experienced anything like it in my past positions. It’s very refreshing and makes working less stressful.

Claire: This is my first job related to my field of study. I would say that I am continuously learning. Although, my biggest take away is that the staff is filled with genuinely good people. Great companies with awesome work environments that provide excellent service to local communities do exist. It is a privilege to work with such talented, nice, and hard-working people.


Spotlight on CC's Gallipolis Staff

In CC's July 2017 newsletter, we featured a spotlight on our Gallipolis staff: Claire Dotson, Lindsey Myers, and Jason Bush (pictured from left to right). Because the Career Connections Gallipolis office is smaller than the one in Athens, all three of our Gallipolis employees have personalized face-to-face interactions with the job seekers that walk through our door. Since it’s common to see all three of them greet visitors, here's some info to help you get to know them a little better.