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Meet the Staff

Valerie Kinnard, Owner and President

Erica Williams, HR Specialist – Team Lead

Hobbies: Live music or theater, whenever possible, hiking in the woods with my dogs, and reading (or listening to) good books. 

Hidden Talent: I can name all 50 states in alphabetical order and type 120+ wpm.  

Fave food: A burrito from Casa. 

Hobbies: Inline skating, visiting national parks, hiking, cooking, watching movies, reading
Hidden Talent: For many years l I practiced Kuk Sul Do, Korean martial arts. I’m technically a first degree black belt.
Fave food
: Vegetarian/vegan fare and Mediterranean/Lebanese is probably my favorite. I love making my own hummus! 

Jason Dye, HR Specialist 

Kevin Gebura, HR Specialist 

HR Specialists

Riley Kinnard, HR Manager 

Hobbies: Board games, pencil and paper RPGs,

video games, playing with our pets

Hidden Talent: Able to find the hidden joke in any situation (even if no one else gets the humor...)

Fave food: Original Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

Hobbies: Spending time with my children, hiking,

arts and crafts, cooking

Hidden Talent: Painting/drawing skills 

Fave food: Watermelon

Hobbies: Moving my body, through yoga, dance, and walks. Not moving my body by binging on TV shows. 

Hidden Talent: I could probably compete on Chopped –

I'm a pretty good cook and love throwing together meals with whatever's on hand. 

Fave food: Fried chicken with slow cooked collard greens and mashed potatoes with gravy. Yeah, comfort food all the way.  

Hobbies: Hoarding houseplants, being with my dog, and playing Chinese checkers with my husband. 

Hidden Talent: I always know the precise moments in movies and shows when a person should call for back-up. I can also take one plant and turn it into 20.

Fave food: I could eat Mexican food for every meal for two weeks straight.

Lindsey Myers, HR Manager

Management (a.k.a. our Fearless Leaders)

Hobbies: Kayaking, games (board or computer), and spending time with my busy and wonderful children.

Hidden Talent: I can whistle so loud it will deafen you and have an amazing ability to recognize celebrity voice overs.

Fave food: Anything with pasta and/or seafood.

Kristi Kinnard, General Manager

Hobbies: Making wire wrapped jewelry, arts & crafts, hiking, cooking, and catching live music shows. 

Hidden Talent: Doing tricks with a hula hoop.

Fave food:  Indian and Thai curry dishes, smoked salmon, and dark chocolate. 

Kristin Franks, Marketing Manager

& Next Step Client Services Coordinator

Hobbies: Movies, reading, walks, Zumba classes, shopping at arts-and-crafts stores/festivals, visiting family and friends, spending time with my husband and son, being outside.  

Hidden Talent: I can play the trumpet. I played from fifth grade through my first year of college.

Fave food:  Mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, pork chops, squash. I’m a big fan of pretty much any kind of comfort food.


Finding the right fit for a business is our specialty so naturally we like to boast about our own staff. Our team at Career Connections is dedicated and committed to giving the best service to employers and job seekers alike, and, as our responses below show, we also know how to have fun!

Bailey Shooner, HR Manager 

Hobbies: Reading, traveling, baking, camping, taking nature walks/hikes, shopping, and genealogy.
Hidden Talent: I can play the flute and I’m a great navigator.
Favorite Food: I love southern comfort food, and a grilled chicken Caesar salad and strawberry cheesecake from Junior’s in NYC. And coffee. ​Can't forget coffee!

Yumi Choe, HR Manager – Team Lead