Much like ourtemporary staffing services, we bill an hourly rate for PTP personnel. However, with PTP our involvement is the absolute minimum, and this is directly reflected in your low markup. The markup is in part dependent on workers’ comp rates and other risk factors, so please contact us for information on our current rates or to request a formal estimate. For more details on our PTP policies, please visit our Terms of Service Agreement. 

​You have a special project to get done and the skills required are such that you want to do your own screening and selection, but you know the position is temporary and you do not want the risk of an unemployment claim at layoff time.

Call Career Connections – we will take the risk.

​You are anticipating a peak workload. The work requires previous experience. What you need is a former employee who is familiar with the procedure but who is no longer on your payroll. You know someone who is qualified, available, and interested, but you cannot rehire because of company policy.

Call Career Connections – we will hire the person to do your work for you. 

Reduce Risk, Paperwork, and Hassle

In addition to small sole proprietorships who want to avoid becoming an employer, the PTP process can be ideal for a variety of situations, including:

Our Payroll Transfer Program is the ideal fiscal management solution when you are in need of employees for long or short term periods but do not want to handle the paperwork associated with adding people to your payroll. This service allows you to maintain control over the screening and selection of your work force while Career Connections handles the fiscal management of some or all of your staff.

Payroll Transfer Program (PTP)

PTP Rates

Special Project Staffing

Paperwork Reduction

Temporary Rehire Needs

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You want to do your own recruiting, screening, hiring, firing, etc., but you are not interested in handling the fiscal aspects of employment, including payroll, tax filings and payments, workers' compensation, unemployment insurance, etc.

Call Career Connections – We will be the employer of record and take care of all the paperwork.