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Are you looking for a convenient and low-risk method to hire for a permanent position? Look no further than our direct-hire placement service. You only pay us if we fill the job successfully, and we offer a three-month, money-back guarantee to help lessen the expense of making a bad hire.

With direct-hire placements, you describe the position and type of person you are looking for, and we provide you with
detailed information on qualified, pre-screened applicants for consideration. If you offer a job to one of the individuals who we refer to you, then we will charge a placement fee (which is a percentage of the employee’s anticipated annual income), he or she becomes your employee, and our participation ends. 


We have made over 10,000 placements, and because we perform additional recruiting whenever necessary, we can fill a job in almost any field or industry. Positions that we fill most frequently, and for which we already have many qualified applicants in our database, include:

Including marketing, sales, and public relations. 

Career Connections Service Comparison Chart

Including executives, project managers, and administrators.

Do you need coverage for leaves of absence, vacations, large projects, or seasonal/workflow peaks, but don’t want to bring another person onto your payroll? Our temporary placement service is the answer. We will provide you with detailed information on qualified, pre-screened applicants for consideration. When you find a good match, you will enjoy the benefits of having a temporary employee work for you under your supervision, while we charge you an hourly rate to handle everything else associated with the employee, including: recruiting, screening, hiring, payroll taxes, insurance, attendance records, evaluations, etc. All you have to do is approve a weekly time slip and process our invoices.

Connect with the workers you need, when you need them.

Including warehouse, construction, carpentry, and machine technicians. 

Including bookkeepers, accountants, CPAs, and financial analysts. 


Including direct service providers, mental health, and medical receptionists.

Including engineers, IT professionals, and graphic designers.


If you need employees but are not interested in handling the fiscal management that comes along with adding people to your payroll, then our Payroll Transfer Program (PTP) is the answer. This service allows you to maintain control over the screening and selection of your work force while Career Connections handles the fiscal management of some or all of your staff.

This solution can be ideal for a variety of situations, especially for clients who are small sole proprietorships who want to avoid becoming an employer or for large companies who need specific people to occasionally work for limited periods of time.

Non-clinical Medical

Career Connections takes the time to get to know your business, staffing, and talent management needs so that we can connect you with qualified applicants who will best meet your requirements and fit in with your company culture. We can fill a job in almost any industry, and we offer direct-hire, temporary, temp-to-direct, and payroll administration services to best serve you.  

Including receptionists, administrative assistants, and office managers.

For a comparison of our staffing solution services, please see the table at the bottom of this page