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Temp-to-Direct Placements

Temporary Placement Rates

We have an extensive database of pre-screened candidates ready to work immediately so that we can quickly fill same- or next-day requests for employees. You can feel safe in making such quick hiring decisions (or having us make that decision for you) because we have already vetted the candidates to ensure they are well-qualified to meet your needs.

Furthermore, we offer an unconditional four-hour guarantee on all temporary employees. If you are not fully satisfied, we will replace our employee immediately and you will not be charged for any time worked (up to four hours) before a satisfactory replacement arrives.*

*For full details on our placement services and guarantees, please review  our Terms of Service Agreement

Maybe you know you need to hire someone for a permanent role, but you aren’t ready to take the steps and risk of adding someone new to your payroll. Or maybe your temporary need turns permanent, or the applicant you hire as a temporary employee performs so well you want to bring them onto your permanent payroll. When these situations happen, our temp-to-direct placement service is a great option. This service allows you to “test drive” a potential employee by placing them on our payroll as a temporary employee for a probationary period before committing to a direct-hire. This service also allows you to convert your temporary employee into a permanent one, and this option is available to you even if you originally hired the employee for a strictly temporary role. For details on our conversion to direct-hire policies, please visit the "Temporary and Temp-to-Direct Placements" section of our Terms of Service Agreement.

Temporary Placement Service

Stay Covered

In addition to being a great way to cover for a leave of absence or a need for additional workers, our temporary placement service is the perfect solution for the following circumstances:

  • Coverage between permanent hires
  • Trying out potential permanent employees before making a commitment to hire
  • Whenever you need more workers but want to avoid the administrative hassle of hiring and payroll​

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You don't have to worry about any upfront costs: we will recruit, advertise your job opening, and refer you candidates for FREE. We will only charge you if we are successful in filling your job opening. 

And not only can we quickly get in place a well-qualified worker, but our temporary services also help to cut costs, such as:

  • Pay only our all-inclusive hourly rates (no payroll taxes, insurance or benefits)
  • Keep unemployment insurance expenses down by not having to lay off employees hired for temporary needs
  • Reduce overtime expense by decreasing staff workload
  • Find qualified and available employees without the time and expense of advertising your job opening and screening applications

We bill at an hourly rate for temporary personnel. Because each situation is different, our rates are flexible. When you place your order we will ask a number of questions to determine exactly what you need. Factors that affect the rate include:

  • the skills required (the fewer skills involved, the lower your bill rate)
  • the length of the assignment (we have a lower markup for long-term assignments than for very short-term assignments)
  • the number of workers requested (we can usually discount our markup if you are requesting several workers)

In every case, we will confirm your agreement with the hourly rate before the assignment begins.

Save Time and Money

Our temporary placement services are ideal for employers who don’t want to bring another person on to their payroll, but who need coverage for leaves of absence, vacations, large projects, or seasonal/workflow peaks. And best of all, we will recruit for your position, post your job opening online, and refer qualified, pre-screened applicants to you for FREE! You only pay us if we find you a good match, and then you can enjoy the benefits of having a temporary employee working under your supervision while we take care of everything else, including payroll taxes, benefits administration, attendance records, and performance evaluations.