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Career Connections Terms of Service Agreement


Our direct-hire placement services are available for employers who are looking to hire for a permanent position. With direct-hire placements we handle all the recruiting, screening, and interview coordination. We charge a one-time fee based on the placement’s anticipated annual income. Click here for more details on direct-hire placements.

Direct-hire Satisfaction Guarantee

If, within three months from the placement, you contact Career Connections to let us know that the employee is no longer working for you for any reason other than the stated “exception” below, we will refund your money.

Exception: We cannot guarantee satisfaction if the placement does not work out because the position (duties, work schedule, salary or benefits, location, supervisor, etc.) is not as originally described to either Career Connections or the employee. 

Career Connections understands that every staffing need is unique, which is why we offer dynamic staffing solutions and flexible rates. For specific details on our processes, rates, and policies, please see our Terms of Service Agreement below. And let us know if you have any questions, we're happy to help!

Direct-hire Placements

Career Connections only charges our clients a fee if we are successful in making a placement.

Rate Revisions
Career Connections reserves the right to revise bill rates if the main deciding factors for the initially approved bill rate, including but not limited to the factors listed below, change after the original rate is approved:

  • Length of the assignment
  • Number of workers requested
  • Risk level
  • Length of notice to fill the position

Should your needs or the circumstances of the assignment change, please contact your HR manager as soon as possible so that we can discuss appropriate adjustments to your bill rate if necessary. 

Reimbursable Expenses
Career Connections will bill at cost for any reimbursable expenses approved by you and incurred by temporary employees, including but not limited to the following:

  • Mileage
  • Meals and travel accommodations

Direct-Hire Placement Billing
After you have made an offer and the applicant has accepted, we ask what your final negotiations were and bill you a percentage of the anticipated annual* income of the employee. Please contact us for more information on our current rates or to request a formal estimate.

*Note that our fee is based on a 52-week income regardless of the actual expected length of employment.

Temporary and Temp-to-Direct Placement Billing
We bill at an hourly rate for temporary personnel. Because each situation is different, our rates are flexible. When you place your order we will ask a number of questions to determine exactly what you need. Factors that affect the rate include:

  • Skills required (the fewer skills involved, the lower your bill rate).
  • Length of the assignment (we have a lower markup for long-term assignments than for very short-term assignments).
  • Total weekly assignment hours (for full-time placements, we add a 50¢/hour surcharge).
  • Number of workers requested (we can usually discount our markup if you are requesting several workers).
  • Higher risk (for those working in areas with higher rates of work-related injury).

In every case, we will confirm the hourly bill rate before the assignment begins and get your approval. Formal estimates provided upon request.

PTP Billing

We charge a markup on the employee’s gross pay.  You tell us how much you want the person to be paid, we will pay that amount and bill you that amount plus our markup. The markup depends on the workers’ compensation rate and other risk factors.  We have a 50¢/hour surcharge for full-time employees. Discounts may be applied for very high pay rates, multiple employees, and lengthy assignments. We consider all factors and quote an exact markup before each assignment begins. Please contact us for more information on our current rates or to request a formal estimate.

​Overtime Billing for Temporary, Temp-to-Direct, and PTP Placements
As required by law, those employed by Career Connections are paid according to our weekending periods and pay dates. We do not mimic the payroll schedule of the organization where the employee is placed. We have a weekly payroll cycle, beginning on Monday and ending on Sunday. Hours in excess of 40 in that one week period will have an increased bill rate to cover our need to compensate our employee for overtime pay. We are happy to accommodate overtime calculations that differ from this model, as long as they observe the
minimum Department of Labor overtime rulings, but our payroll schedule can not be adjusted. 

Career Connections reserves the right to refuse to employ or place any individual in any capacity who we have good reason to believe will be a liability to our clients or Career Connections, Inc.

Special Arrangements
Though temporary, temp-to-direct, and PTP employees typically fill hourly positions requiring weekly time sheet submissions to Career Connections, we can make other arrangements as needed, including accommodating for salary, commission, bonuses, 1099 contractor, mileage and expense reimbursement, different pay schedules, etc. If you would like to pursue a special arrangement, please speak to your HR manager. 

Our Payroll Transfer Program (PTP) service provides you with the control to hand-select quality employees and have them work under your supervision while Career Connections hires the employee and takes care of all the fiscal management and administrative duties associated with being an employer. With PTP placements, Career Connections does not handle any of the recruiting, screening, or management functions and, for that reason, we can offer a significantly lower markup rate for PTP employees. For more details on our PTP job order process, clickhere.

PTP Guarantee and Screening
Because we do not perform background or skills checking on the individuals referred to us for PTP assignments, they are not covered by our published satisfaction guarantee, nor do we suggest you charge them with any major responsibility until you’ve performed your own background checks or pay for additional screening through Career Connections.

Important PTP Policies
If you refer a candidate to us for a PTP assignment who has registered with Career Connections for temporary and/or direct-hire placement within the previous six months, because we have already incurred the cost of recruiting and screening the individual, we cannot employ the candidate at PTP rates, but we can offer you a referral discount.

Hiring PTP Employees

You may hire your PTP employees directly at any time without being subject to our temp-to-perm conversion fees. 

Temporary, temp-to-direct, and PTP employees can qualify for the following benefits when hour and probationary period requirements are met: holiday pay (at Career Connections’ expense), longevity bonuses (at Career Connections’ expense), and health insurance that meets the minimum essential coverage as outlined by the Affordable Care Act. 

For detailed information about the services Career Connections offers, and our recruitment and screening processes, please visit our informational pages, accessible from the above navigation menu and also included in links below.


Our temporary placement service is available for employers who wish to have Career Connections take care of the recruiting, screening, hiring, and administration of applicants who are then put to work for you under your supervision. For more details on our temporary placement services, click here.  

temp-to-direct placement service is best for employers who want to “test drive” a potential employee before committing to a direct-hire. 

Temporary Employee Status
Temporary employees are Career Connections’ employees until such time as you hire them directly, if you do. We are responsible for all mandatory payroll taxes, contributions, insurances, and deductions; and the hourly rate we charge you is all-inclusive. Unlike with your traditional employees, you will have no additional expenses or fringe benefits to pay for or administer.
Assignment Length Requirement
We have a four-hour-per-employee-per-day minimum requirement, unless the job description states otherwise and is approved by an HR manager.

Conversion to Direct-hire
We have a 90-day (480-hour) conversion period after which you may hire our employee directly without paying a fee. You may leave them on our payroll as long as you like, 480 hours is just the minimum.

If you choose to directly hire the employee before the 480-hour minimum, we will charge you a pro-rated portion of our direct-hire fee.

Temporary Guarantee
We offer an unconditional four-hour guarantee on all temporary employees. If you are not fully satisfied, we will replace our employee immediately and you will not be charged for any time worked (up to four hours) before a satisfactory replacement arrives.

Temporary-to-Direct Guarantee

The same guarantee as outlined above under Direct-hire Satisfaction Guarantee applies to temp-to-direct placements with the three-month satisfaction period commencing from the start of the temporary assignment.

Career Connections currently holds insurance policies in the states of Ohio and West Virginia to cover medical expenses in compliance with requirements outlined by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation in the event that one of our temporary employees is injured on the job. If you require a copy of our insurance certification, please contact General Manager Kristi Kinnard at 740-594-4941, ext. 101.

Safety and Health Training
Per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s
recommendation, Career Connections and host employers are jointly responsible for maintaining a safe work environment for temporary workers. To ensure our workers’ safety, Career Connections is responsible for distributing general health and safety notifications, while the host employer is responsible for providing specific training tailored to educate the temporary worker about the workplace, equipment, and hazards therein. Host employers are also required by OSHA to treat temporary workers like any other workers in terms of training, safety, and health protections. 

Equal Opportunity Policy
Career Connections does not discriminate against nor hire or provide work to applicants based on age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or sexual orientation. We function under the Civil Rights Act, which strictly prohibits applicants from being identified in any of these respects.

Referral Policy
The applicants we recruit, screen, and refer are considered our inventory. If you hire anyone we have referred to you in any capacity with any kind of compensation arrangement within six months of that referral, we will charge you our placement fee (unless you have utilized our temp-to-direct option). 

Payroll Transfer Program (PTP) 

Additional Career Connections Policies

Occupational Safety and Health

Temporary and Temp-to-Direct Placements

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