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Because employers hire and pay us for our services, applicants enjoy the benefits of our service completely free! What’s more, once you are in our database you will be considered for all of the job opportunities we work to fill. We have more applicants than we have job openings, so obviously not everybody who applies will be placed, but we are dedicated to being a valuable job searching tool and resource that doesn’t waste your time. For instance, we won’t stick you in a position that doesn’t align with your goals and we won’t use you as a “warm body” just to fill a position – we always verify your interest and availability for a position before we refer you to an employer so that you can be sure any interviews that we schedule for you are worth your time. And while you can apply for any position we have open, we will only contact you regarding positions that you are qualified for and that fit within your stated preferences and availability.

Below, check out some more perks that CC applicants enjoy, applicant testimonials, and an outline of what to expect from our application process.

We know your time is valuable and job searching can be a job in itself, so after you submit your application to us, we will call you if we have any follow-up questions. Then, based on your preferences, experiences, and the types of positions we are filling or anticipate filling in the future, the managers on our team will decide if it makes sense for you to complete the remaining steps of our process. They will request a formal interview with you if they believe our process is time well spent for you.

If we don’t call you in for a formal interview, don’t worry! Your information will be stored and searchable in our state-of-the-art database, and if, in the future, we have a position for which you are well qualified, we will contact you to gauge your interest in continuing our process.

And should your preferences, availability, or the types of jobs you are interested in change, please make sure to let us know! Oftentimes, that information may limit the types of positions we consider you for, and because of those anticipated limitations, we may not call you in for an interview. So, if your preferences change in any way, let us know so we can re-evaluate how useful our process will be for you.

What this Means for You

Absolutely No Fees!
First and foremost, applying with Career Connections is 100% free! We will never charge you any fees, even if we are successful in placing you. And if you are placed, we will never take anything out of your paycheck.

Gain access to exclusive positions
We have been providing quality staffing services to Southeast Ohio since 1990, and in that time we have established strong bonds with hundreds of area employers. Because of this, many local employers exclusively use us to fill their open positions, which means that our applicants gain access to jobs that are not advertised or filled through any other means.

Save Time!
You only need to complete our application process once, and after you do, applying for jobs is as simple as clicking the “Apply” button on our
Job Openings page for any position you have interest in and are available for.

Temporary Employee Benefits
We take care of all of our employees, which is why our temporary employees are eligible for health benefits, holiday pay, evaluation bonuses, and longevity bonuses. And what’s more, Career Connections pays for all of these benefits out of our pocket to ensure that, regardless of where you are placed, all of our employees are treated well and rewarded for their hard work.

100% Confidential and Discrete
We respect your right to privacy and will not contact you at work or use your current employer for a reference without your permission. Additionally, we will not answer any inquiries from third parties regarding your applicant status without your expressed permission.

No Exclusivity Agreement
We are rooting for you to be successful in your job search, which is why we have no problem being just one of many tools in your job searching tool kit. While we’d love to be the ones who help you succeed in your search, we encourage you to use any means available to forward your search on your own.

Find jobs that fit your situation
We make sure to ask about your preferences and availability so that we can match you up with a position that meets your unique situation.
We fill full- and part-time, temporary and direct-hire positions, and a full range of shifts.  
We reward you for referrals!
Refer friends and family to us and earn some sweet rewards! We will send you a $25 gas card for every applicant you refer who we successfully place, or a $100 gift card for every client you refer and for whom we successfully complete a placement. View more details on our
referral reward here 

Our goal is to find well-qualified applicants for our clients' job openings. Employers contact us when they have a job opening or staffing need, and we connect them with applicants who are looking for a job and meet their needs and company culture. We perform all of the recruiting and screening of the applicants, send information to the employer about the most qualified applicants, and then the final hiring decision is made by the employers.

Applicant Testimonials

In the middle of a job search but not sure if you want to apply with Career Connections? We are committed to getting to know our applicants so we can serve you well. And part of that is offering our services to you completely FREE. But we don’t stop there in taking care of our applicants, below check out some additional applicant perks, like access to exclusive positions and health benefits if placed. And because we check your references, it’s only fair that you check ours, so we have also included some applicant reviews and feedback. 

What to Expect

How We Work

CC Applicant Perks

Depending on the type of work you are interested in and qualified for, after your formal interview your interviewing HR manager may recommend that you complete computer assessments. These assessments are not mandatory, but completing them does increase your chances of being referred for positions that require computer skills. In general, employers who require computer proficiency tend to favor applicants with high computer scores, so if you would like to try to improve your scores after your initial test, the good news is that CC gives each applicant one retest opportunity per program. Learn about computer retesting and a list of resources that can help you improve your test results here.

Why apply?